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Telephone Cable Manufacturing

Eboni Electronics has its roots as a manufacturer in the telecommunications industry and supplies blue chip companies with telephone cables, telephone line cords and telephone handset cords, as well as telephone jack sockets and telephone plugs.

By establishing our own production lines in several factories in China we are able to produce telephone cables and cords in any size, any colour with any plug type- this has enabled us to become an established market leader, manufacturing telecom and datacom products for a range of customers, from large international OEM factories to small independent distributors and retailers.

In addition to telephone handset cords and telephone line cords, we also provide fax cables, USB cables, patch leads and many other types of data cables to the telecoms industry. For all our cables we offer a choice of country-specific connectors and plugs, and for bespoke applications we can terminate your telephone cable with whatever plug or adaptor you require.

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