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IDC Connector Manufacturing

Eboni Electronics’ Toolmakers have over twenty years experience in the designing and manufacturing of connectors in a range of materials, including nylon and various grades of polycarbonate. We make standard IDC Connectors as well as bespoke connectors to your design specifications.

Insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) typically terminate ribbon cables, and are available with terminals matching the number of conductors in all popular cable widths.


Commonly referred to by the trade name Fastons, blade connectors are a low-cost single-wire connection that is usually soldered or crimped to the wire.

Mass Termination Assembly (MTA)

MTA .100 and MTA .156 industry-standard connectors form a wire-to-board or wire-to-wire system for mass termination of wire- reducing overall costs of any cable or harness assembly through decreased labour. The connectors allow wire feed-through for daisy-chaining and can be manufactured to a wide range of sizes.

Covers, or end caps, can be produced for all MTAs to protect the connector.

If you require a non-standard connector, then we also make bespoke connectors to your exact design requirements. Our experienced team in the UK are here to help you with the design and technical questions and the expert toolmakers we use in China have many years experience of designing and making moulding tools, all at a fraction of the cost you will pay in Europe.

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