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Pin-in-Hole Connector Manufacturing

Eboni Electronics are a low-cost manufacturer of square pin connection headers for PCB mounting that can be customised to suit your application. By moulding our own range of electronic connectors, we are able to provide these at a fraction of the cost of the established market leaders. We are able to offer huge cost savings on our range of pin-in-hole connectors and crimps because we create the tools and manufacture at our partner site in China.

Speak to us about your Connector requirements. We can manufacture to your product design, or source connectors for you within Asia at a fraction of your current cost.

Why buy your pin-in-hole connectors from Eboni Electronics?

  • Expert Toolmakers
  • Moulding Department
  • Product Design & Technical Expertise
  • Standard Connectors available
  • Standard Crimp Terminals available
  • Custom made Connectors to your specification
  • Custom made Crimps to your specification
  • Manufactured in China at low cost
  • World-wide distribution network
  • Just in Time delivery service
  • Customer Service in the United Kingdom

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