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Telephone Plugs & Jacks Manufacturing

Eboni Electronics has its roots as a manufacturer in the telecommunications industry and supplies blue chip companies with telephone plugs and telephone jacks, as well as line cords and telephone handset cords.

Telephone Plugs

Eboni Electronics supplies telephone plugs into the global telecommunications market.  All our modular plugs are manufactured in China and supplied into our UK warehouse on a kanban supply system. Modular plugs are held in stock, and can usually be supplied with just 24 hours notice.

We have an extensive range of modular plugs, manufactured under ISO9001 certification that are, of course, ROHS compliant. A selection of our popular products:

  • 2P4C Telephone Plugs
  • 4P4C Telephone Plugs
  • 6P2C Telephone Plugs
  • 6P4C Telephone Plugs
  • 6P6C Telephone Plugs
  • 8P4C Telephone Plugs
  • 8P8C Telephone Plugs
  • BT Telephone Plugs
  • Sheilded/Unshielded Plugs
  • Round/Flat Entry Plugs
  • Long/Short Body Plugs
  • Long/Short Latch Plugs
  • British Telecom Plug

Telephone Jacks

We offer an extensive range of telephone jack sockets, modular jacks and modular plugs. Examples of products:

  • RJ45 Jack Socket
  • RJ11 Jack Socket
  • 401 Standard Socket
  • 401 Modified Socket
  • 601 Standard Socket
  • 601 Modified Socket

In addition to telephone plugs and telephone jacks, we also provide telephone line cords, telephone handset cords, fax cables, USB cables, patch leads and many other types of data cables to the telecoms industry. We offer a choice of country-specific connectors and plugs, and for bespoke applications we can manufacture whatever plug or adaptor you require.

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